PETSTAT is a PET/CT medical imaging viewer (PETViewer), which focuses on cancer diagnosis, follow-up, clinical trials and research by PET imaging. PETSTAT has intuitive and easy-to-use GUI which integrates various functionalities such as image analysis, volumetric analysis, histogram analysis, 3D graphics.

+PERCIST support
-Displays SUV bw, SUV bsa, SUV lbm (SUL),Peak
+RECIST support
-Lesion manager lists up measures, ROIs, marks and sums up those parameters
+PET/CT fusion image
-PET/CT fusion image enbables quick and intuitive diagnosis.
+Sphere ROI analysis
-Displays SUV max, mean, TLG (Total Lesion Glycolysis) , Peak within a sphere ROI.
-Displays SUV histogram and SUV-cumulative volume and SUV-TLG graph and outputs by CSV format.
+MTV manager
-Semi-automatic MTV ( Metabolic Tumor Volume ) creation and listing up MTVs with parameters such as TLG , volume, SUV Max, SUV Peak, T/N ratio, Maximum diameter , and summing up these quantities.
Displays MTVs on MPI/VR views.
-Outputs MTVs by CSV format.
+3D graphics
-MIP(Maximum Intensity Projection) which is a prerequisite for PET imaging.
-Volume Rendering which is helpful in intuitive understanding of tumor locations.
-Supports DICOM network communication.
+Data output
-Histgram or MTVs can be output to CSV / Text files.
-Stores paramters of viewer sessions for statistical analyses of new indices or effect of cancer therapies.
+Windows platform
-Available on laptop PCs.
-More comfortably available on high-end PC workstations.
+Meeting the needs of cancer frontier
-Reflects the options of the central hospital of National Cancer Center(Japan).


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